Rose Anal Plug Set 4pcs with Remote Control


Rose Anal Plug-Rose Design Red Anal Plug Four-Piece Set: From Novice to Advanced, Pairing Non-Vibrating and Vibrating Models

Vibrator date

Length: 103mm Maximum Diameter: 43mm Weight: 96g

4PCS set total weight; 239g


Rose Design Anal Plugs: Popular Since 2020

The anal plugs featuring black rose, red rose, and rose designs have been popular since 2020. The rose design has remained a trendy element, and this reasonably priced anal plug set is suitable for many individuals. It is available in sizes S, M, and L, and can also be purchased individually.

Anal Plug 4PCS Set Parameters and Weight

Type Length (mm) Length (in) Max Diameter (mm) Max Diameter (in) Weight (g)
S Size 73 mm 2.87 in 26 mm 1.02 in 27 g
M Size 80 mm 3.15 in 35 mm 1.38 in 42 g
L Size 94 mm 3.70 in 41 mm 1.61 in 74 g
Vibrating Type 103 mm 4.06 in 43 mm 1.69 in 96 g

Rose anal plug set vibrator with remote control,black and red color available

Function and Material Description of Rose Anal Massager

Attribute Details
Product Name Rose Design Anal Plug Set
Material Silicone
Design Rose motif
Set Type Four-piece set
Control Method Vibrating (optional), Non-vibrating
Vibrating Feature 10 vibration modes
Sizes S, M, L (specific dimensions listed below) vibrating version just 1 size
Packaging Elegant packaging box

4PCS Rose Anal Plug Set

1pcs rose vibrator butt plug

3pcs silicone S M L size advanced rose anal plug set


DC USD Charge, Button Switch-rose anal plug


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