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With a steadfast commitment to designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling adult products for 7 years, Vibeasy boasts rich industry expertise. Nestled in Dongguan, our factory, coupled with a dynamic sales team, efficient management, and stringent quality control, propels Vibeasy through rapid growth, capturing an expanding market share.

Our Facilities

Production equipment

Our food-grade production machinery consists of multiple units, ensuring heightened efficiency in the manufacturing process, guaranteeing safety and quality throughout the production cycle.

Team Building

vibeasy team building

A More Professional and Efficient Team.
Eachteam member has over 2 years of experience in the adult products industry, and Vibeasy conducts weekly professional training in the adult products sector to ensure better handling of your needs.

Our Whokshop

vibeasy workshop

Clean assembly workshop. primarily responsible for product assembly, testing, and packaging, is well-managed to ensure each order is delivered on time, with the right quality and precision.


Rubber Compounding

The entire process of refining raw materials is a critical step in production. The raw material, must undergo continuous silicone rubber compounding for thirty minutes to thoroughly and uniformly mix it compound

Die Casting Molding

The vulcanization temperature and time both influence the solidification and molding of high-temperature sulfur curing.

Die Casting Molding

The vulcanization temperature and time both influence the solidification and molding of high-temperature sulfur curing.

Silicone Gel Cutting and Weighing

Machine precision in the cutting process effectively prevents adhesive shortages, reducing defect rates. It controls product weight and shapes the layout, as even a slight variance can impact the overall appearance.

sex toy Surface Polishing

Polishing creates a smoother surface for silicone, and post-polishing requires cleaning

Plastic sealing for product

Spraying tactile oil on the product surface serves multiple purposes: 1.Enhanced Feel: It creates a smoother and more pleasant tactile experience. 2.Improved Aesthetics: The oil adds a glossy or matte finish, enhancing appearance. 3.Reduced Friction: Coating with tactile oil reduces friction for easier handling. 4.Protection: Forms a protective layer, shielding from dust and dirt. 5.Hygiene: Simplifies cleaning, maintaining hygiene standards.


Sex toy wholesale

Own manufactured products

  1. Offering lower minimum order quantities for customization.
  2. Maintaining stock for the majority of products, resulting in more predictable delivery times.
  3. Providing the flexibility to access resources firsthand at any time.


Three customization methods

  1. Customization of Ready-Made Products, including functional modifications such as customized vibration frequencies, silk-screened logos, and personalized branding packaging.
  2. Customization based on provided drawings: We will provide a quote based on your specified features and material requirements. 3D sample will provided to confirm the appearance, functionality.
  3. Sample customization: Tailor products based on provided 1:1 samples.

sex toy sourcing

Win-win model sex toy sourcing

Win-win model
sex toy sourcing

  1. The adult toy industry encompasses a wide variety of products, making it impractical for a factory to produce all styles.
  2. Assist customers in procuring a diverse range of items at competitive prices.
  3. Many factories focus solely on production and lack an export department&experience
  4. Reduce defect rates, we thoroughly inspect procured products for both appearance and functionality before meticulous repackaging


Over the past 7 years, Papavibes has been certified by ISO9001, CE, and RoHS for its commitment to quality, and has developed strong partnerships with its suppliers and factories.

Papavibes has also played a significant role in helping thousands of sex shops and companies grow and expand their businesses.

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