pink hand clip foxtail anal plug
fox tail plug anal
cosplay fox tail anal plug
pink hand clip foxtail anal plug
fox tail plug anal
cosplay fox tail anal plug

Foxtail Anal Plug Role Play SM Fluffy Hair Clips Kit Supplier

Wholesale Hair Clip Tail Sets: Includes Fox Tail Anal Plugs, Fur Ball Anal Plugs, Fox Ear Hair Clips. Must-Have Role-Play Accessories. Choose from 12 Stylish Options: Red, Purple, Pink, Black, White, Gray, and more!

  •  20.6in purple pink red fox anal plug
  • Multiple Color Options fox tail anal plug
  • 3pcs SM anal plug with fox tail kit
  • Lace Hair Clip, Fluffy Hair Clip long anal fox tail plug



Role-Playing Fox Tail Anal Plug Kit Size Chart

Product Size Color Package Usage
Fox anal tail 20.6i*1.08in Purple,red,pink,white,black,grey,blue  

Gift box



Fox Ear Hair Clip 7.8in*2.48in*4.72in
Fur Ball Anal Plug 1.08in*3.15in
cosplayfoxtail couple anal plug
wholesale silicone butt plug red

Color Options for Anal Plug Set

12-Color Combo Anal Plug Set: Blush-Pink/Red, Red/White, Grey, Blue/White, Purple, Pink/White, Black, Pink, Grey/White, Red, White. Customizable Colors and Packaging Available.

anal plug fox color option
Multiple color sm kit options available

Pleasure Collection: Wholesale Anal Plug Set

Papavibes, with 7 years of experience in adult product wholesale, not only manufactures its own products but also offers sex toy sourcing services for clients. One of our popular offerings is a well-received anal plug set, reasonably priced and beautifully packaged in a gift box.

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7 year experience sex toy factory


For 7 years, Vibeasy has been a key player in designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling adult products. Based in Dongguan, our dynamic team and rigorous quality control contribute to our rapid growth. We exclusively wholesale in-house products, offering customized OEM and ODM services, saving clients time in their procurement needs

Vibeasy News

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Sex Toy Sourcing Serve

We are a sex toy manufacturer based in China, and we specialize in wholesale supply of adult products. In addition to our wholesale services, we

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