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Flexible Suction Cup Anal Plug Factory | RoHS Certified

Wholesale Suction Cup Anal Plug – Smooth, Flexible, Silicone Material, RoHS Certified, Unisex, Suitable for Both Anal and Vaginal Use, 3 Sizes Available.

3pcs anal training plugs
purple anal plug set
RoHS certified sex toy
Suction Cup Anal Plug black
3pcs anal training plugs
purple anal plug set
RoHS certified sex toy
Suction Cup Anal Plug black
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Suction Cup Anal Plug Size

Size Length Diameter Weight Color
S 4.9in 0.98in 77g Black,purple
M 5.9in 1.14in 132g Black,purple
L 6.89in 1.34in 207g Black,purple
silcone anal plug size
soft anal butt plug for woman

Sales points and highlights for Suction Cup Anal Plug

  1. S M L Size Fuckable suction cup anal plug:
    • Versatile sizes for customizable pleasure.
    • Body-safe materials for a comfortable experience.
    • Designed for individuals exploring intimate experiences.
  2. Black Color Anal Plug Strap GIF:
    • Sleek and stylish design for a visually appealing experience.
    • Discreet and compact for easy storage and travel.
    • GIF format provides an interactive preview for customers.
  3. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Anal Plug Trainer Kit:
    • Gradual progression for users at different experience levels.
    • High-quality materials ensure safety and durability.
    • Comprehensive training kit for a variety of preferences.
  4. 4.9in 0.98in Small Glass Dildo Butt Plug:
    • Elegant glass design for a unique aesthetic.
    • Perfect for users who enjoy temperature play.
    • Compact size for comfortable and discreet use.
  5. Silicone Gel Anal Plug for Men and Woman:
    • Soft and body-friendly silicone material for a comfortable fit.
    • Vibrant colors add a playful element to intimate moments.
    • Multiple plugs for diverse sensations and experiences.

China Professional Anal Plug Supplier&Vendor

Discover our wholesale Suction Cup Anal Beads collection – smooth, flexible, and made from high-quality silicone. RoHS certified for safe use. With 7 years of experience in adult product manufacturing and wholesale, we offer top-notch quality and personalized pleasure. Contact us for wholesale inquiries

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