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wearable clit vibrators Add an image with your Focus Keyword as alt text.
wearable clitoral vibrator supplier
vibrator wearable sex toy wholesale

Wholesale Private Label Custom Logo Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Affordable and Wearable Pleasure: Enjoy Dual-Motor Vibration Design for Continuous Clitoral Massage and Stimulation. This Vibrator Sustains High Sales in Adult Stores.

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Panties Vibrator Description

Color Diameter Length Certificate Vibration Modes

custom color

1.18in/3cm 5.9in/15cm CE,RoHS 9 vibrating

wearable clitoral vibrator supplier

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Couples Wearable Vibrator Manufacturer

This product holds a registered design patent and stands as a top choice for virtually every customer. As a leading Chinese supplier of adult toys and vibrator manufacturing, this product is highly sought after. It has gained significant popularity on TikTok, being endorsed by internet influencers. This product has also established a notable presence within the market, so purchasing it ensures no concerns of excess inventory.

How Do Vibrating Panties Work?

Vibrating panties have become a popular choice among those seeking discreet pleasure and adventurous experiences. These innovative devices provide a unique way to enjoy intimate sensations on the go.

Dual Motor

Central to the operation of vibrating panties is the power source: batteries that energize the compact vibrating motors. It features not one but two powerful motors. This dual-motor design amplifies vibrations, ensuring heightened gratification for users.

Remote-Control Convenience:

A hallmark of most vibrating panties, including the one we’re discussing, is the accompanying remote control. This remote empowers users to conveniently manage vibration settings. With a simple touch, users can explore various vibration modes, from delicate caresses to intense sensations.

Clasp Design: Securing Firmly onto Your Underwear

Vibrating Panties with Secure Clasp Design. Our Mechanism Ensures a Snug and Discreet Fit for Maximum Stability and Comfort.

Activating the Remote and Vibration Modes

Users can select vibration modes with the remote control. Customize sensations, transitioning from teasing trembles to satisfying pulses.

Discreet Placement and Comfort

Vibrating panties’ allure lies in their discreet placement within the underwear. These devices boast flat, ergonomic designs, ensuring a comfortable, unobtrusive fit against the wearer’s body. The snug fit guarantees the device stays in place without causing discomfort.

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For 7 years, Vibeasy has been a key player in designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling adult products. Based in Dongguan, our dynamic team and rigorous quality control contribute to our rapid growth. We exclusively wholesale in-house products, offering customized OEM and ODM services, saving clients time in their procurement needs

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We are a sex toy manufacturer based in China, and we specialize in wholesale supply of adult products. In addition to our wholesale services, we

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