anal metal plug 3 peices
Stainless Steel Metal Belt Drill Anal Plug for Men and Women
anal metal plug 3 peices
Stainless Steel Metal Belt Drill Anal Plug for Men and Women

Three-Piece Set Anal Metal Plug Collection Wholesale

Explore pleasure with our 3 anal metal plugs set – smooth, durable, and stylish. Varying sizes cater to all experience levels. S M L size available.


Anal Metal Plug Sets Stainless Steel Description

Design: The design of a metal anal plug is sleek and sophisticated, with a smooth surface and a tapered tip for easy insertion. The plug features a flared base that prevents it from getting lost inside the body, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. Some metal anal plugs also have added features like ridges, bumps, or curves for enhanced stimulation.


Anal Metal Plug Size:Three Piece Metal Anal Plug Collection Specification

Small: 2.76 inches x 1.10 inches x 1.65 inches

Medium: 3.23 inches x 1.38 inches x 2.05 inches

Large: 3.62 inches x 1.57 inches x 2.44 inches

Material: Metal anal plugs, designed for anal play, crafted from premium space-grade aluminum for safety. Smooth, durable surface ensures easy cleaning. Temperature-sensitive, enhancing sensory experiences through heating or cooling

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