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Rose Vibraters Lipstick Massager

If you find that other rose vibraters lipstick are too large, lack elegance, or aren’t realistic, this one perfectly matches your aesthetic.

Rose Vibraters red lipstick vibrator
rose bullet vibrator for woman
Rose Vibraters red lipstick vibrator
rose bullet vibrator for woman

Rose Vibraters Lipstick Video



 Rose Rose Bullet Vibrator Size Chart

Feature Specification
Width 0.94 inch / 2.39 cm
Length 3.98 inch
Charging Time 0.9 hours
Usage Time 1.5 hours
Maximum Noise < 60 dB
Vibration Modes 10
Material Silicone + ABS
Weight 45 g
Color rose,black,purple

Magnetic rechargeable lipstick vibrator

Magnetic rechargeable lipstick vibrator

Many customers complain that lipstick vibrators on the market are either not delicate enough, not realistic enough, too large, or lack elegant design. If you have these concerns, this lipstick vibrator perfectly matches your aesthetic.


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